Game Shooting Tuition

When going on a driven day you may have the opportunity to double gun. For the inexperienced, this can be a daunting thought with all the aspects that double gunning may bring.

If you have never shot double guns or feel a refresher is required, it’s wise to have some coaching practice on how shooting in the field with two guns works.

Safe shooting is paramount and in the heat of the moment it’s important to have an experienced qualified coach/loader ensuring that everything is done in a safe manner respecting the shooter, his colleagues and the other drive staff.

Having an experienced coach/loader on the day will pay dividends, not just in terms of having a loaded gun at the right time, but also the benefit from the wealth of experience from which you can learn throughout the day.

We can provide the required support needed for “on the peg” game shooting days and also game practice using clay targets.

The glorious twelfth marks one of the most important dates in the shooting calendar as the start of the grouse season and the beginning of the forthcoming games season.

Grouse offers the most challenging of targets and is different from other driven game as it requires different skills for success, but all targets need knowledge, experience and practice to make your game day a resounding success.

We’ve all known shooter’s who pack their guns away at the end of the game season to bring them out again at the start of the following season and expect to be ready to successfully shoot again, only to be disappointed when they arrive at the shoot unprepared, out of practice and left wondering after why they missed so many birds.

Making the most of your day starts well in advance with practice and coaching to get your game back up to standard.

If you were a golfer you wouldn’t expect to arrive at the course, walk on to the tee and play as good as the best professional, or as a dart player walk up to the board to throw your darts without practicing first. So take a tip from the professionals. If your aim is to improve, seek some lessons and develop a partnership with your coach.​